Confirmation Ministry - Confirmation Calendar 2016-2017

St. James Lutheran Church


What is Confirmation?

The Rite of Confirmation is a time for people to confirm or affirm the promises made to them by God in their Baptism. This is also a time to publicly announce the understanding of our responsibilities as Christians, knowing that we live under the forgiving power of the risen Christ and how we are called to spread the good news of God’s love in Christ by loving and serving others.


What are Confirmation Classes?

Confirmation “class” is a place where young people learn about the promises God has made, why He has made them and how this impacts our lives today. In order to understand this we need to look deeply into the Bible, as a complete book, in order to see how God has worked throughout history and still continues to work today. We will call these ‘classes’ Theme Events.


What Grades are involved?

6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades. We are currently transitioning into a new program that will meet from 6th-8th grade. Grade 6 meets on Sundays during the Sunday School time. They will learn a general overview of the Catechism and Scripture, as well as what it means to be “Lutheran.” Grades 7 and 8 meet together for Theme Events. These theme events will cover the entire Bible, Sacraments and Catechism over a 2 year period. For those finishing the old program, in 9th grade we meet together with at least one parent for a video and discussion.


Year 1: Old Testament, New Testament, Life of Christ (2016/17)

Year 2: 10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Apostles Creed, Martin Luther (2017/18)

9th Grade:“Youth Alpha— Video, Discussion; teens plus at least one parent; Creation


How are the classes taught?

We strive to teach young people in a way that will make the material relevant, fun and go to their heart. This is why we call this program h2h (HEAD TO HEART). Studies show that lecture based confirmation classes are not as effective in our current society. With the influx of technology, television programming and the Internet, young people respond more favorably to an interactive program. Of course this is a generalization; however we find that more often than not, students learn by participating in theme-based activities than by sitting listening to a lecture. Therefore this program is a based on a three-legged stool approach. Our goal is to get young people connected; to God, to each other and the church.

“Three legged Stool”

A three-legged stool never wobbles and more importantly the stool will fall over without all three legs firmly in place. Our program has three legs:

1. THEME EVENTS: Every week during the school year we will hold theme events in the Parish Hall of the Church. These Theme events include music, stories, skits, projected video and any other creative way we can present the theme for the night. Also, at certain times in the event students break into small groups of 5-6 and with their assigned Faith Mentor (GUIDE). They will discuss the theme for the day, pray together, review scripture and plan activities for their small group to participate in as required in the next two legs of our the stool.
2. SERVANT & FELLOWSHIP EVENTS: Throughout the year there will be planned opportunities for youth be involved in acts of service. These events are designed to foster group building and also reveal the value of servanthood to the students. Also, throughout the year there will be planned fun, fellowship events. This activity is designed to foster relationships within the group and help build the community of God into a family.
3. WORSHIP LIFE – Students are required to regularly worship with their families throughout the year. Regular worship attendance is crucial for spiritual life as we try to help young people know the love of God. We have 4 worship services per week, and families are strongly encouraged to attend whichever service works best for their schedule!


What is the point system?

Each year your child is required to fulfill 14 service/fellowship points. On the schedule you will see next to service and fellowship events a number, this value is the number a specific event is worth. For example, a game night is two points, attending a youth gathering is 3 points and so on. This year 6th, 7th & 8th graders have the opportunity to earn 36 points and the 9th graders can earn 42 points, so there are plenty of opportunities! Primarily, this is a way to continue to stay involved in the life of the church and the Youth Group.


What kind of parental involvement do you require?

As much as you can give! Parents, whether we wish it to be or not, will ultimately be the primary faith builders in a child’s life. No question! So the more you can help the better the team will be to foster faith building in your child.

For the 9th graders, it is required that at least one parent attend each of the 14 Youth Alpha nights/Theme Events.

For 7th and 8th graders, we encourage parents to attend any of our theme events. We also ask parents to be involved in their child’s homework assignments. Please see below.

For 6th graders, we ask that you be involved in an Alpha course of your own at the beginning of your child’s instruction. This will help you to get to know your fellow Confirmation parents and begin those relationships that will build over the next three years!

Additionally, we have a Youth Advisory Committee (or YAC for short). This group helps to plan and run events for the Youth Ministry of STJLC – which includes Confirmation! Parents are welcome to participate in this committee, which meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Contact DCE Ryan Howard at for more information.


Is there homework?

Of course! But this homework is unlike any other we have assigned in the past. We will not call this homework, we call this a Family Check-in. After every theme event, there are pages in your child’s book after the theme lesson of the night where they will be asked to write out their highs and lows for the week and answer the four questions at the end. With the Family Check-in, we ask families to:

1. Check- in daily – share your Highs and Lows of each family member’s day with each other
2. Read & Reflect on the daily Bible Passage. Your child will be asked to highlight this verse in their Bible and bring it with them to the next theme event.
3. Pray together.

This assigned Family Check-In should take no more than 5-10 minutes per evening. We ask parents to sign their child’s Family Covenant, which is located in their book at the end of each theme lesson. Then your child should bring the book with the Family Covenant signed to the next Theme Event.



There is a $100 per student fee that helps us cover the cost of materials, supplies, and helps us recognize the volunteers. We will also from time to time, ask you to donate items or your time for certain events. Please make checks payable to St. James Lutheran Church. If a family finds they are unable to pay the fee, please speak directly to the Pastor.


What else?

Retreats – every grade level (except 9th) will meet for a retreat during the year. They are as follows:

6th grade: Luther Lock-In – a one night lock-in at the church themed around Martin Luther and the Reformation!
7th grade: 1st Communion Retreat – this instruction is required before taking Communion. The student and at least one parent meet over a Friday evening and Saturday morning in order to learn all about the Lord’s Supper.
8th grade: Confirmation Capstone Retreat – a weekend retreat off-site in order to look back on the process of Confirmation and to get students ready for the next step in their life of faith.

All retreats are REQUIRED. If you are unable to attend these retreats for any reason some make-up activity will be given to you.



The three legged stool will only work if all three legs are firmly in place and at the top of the stool is worship. There are 40 Sundays from September through June, plus special services such as Easter and Christmas. The goal is that you and your children worship at least 20 of those weeks. If a student misses three weeks of worship in a row, a reminder phone call will be made. Please be sure your child signs in at worshipin the narthex/parish hall. Along with attending worship on a regular basis, we will require that your child(ren) complete 20 sermon reports.


Your teen is also expected to serve the church in one of several ways:

• Acolyte – receive training and once every month or so, serves as an acolyte at one worship service.
• Be a reader at worship.
• Assistant Teach Sunday School – Weekly assist a teacher in the Sunday school program on Sunday mornings from 9:45 – 10:45 am. (LIMITED SPACE)
• Music Groups – Youth Band, King’s Kids Choir, Handbells, etc.
• Help with Nursery at the 10:00 am worship service.
• Usher or Greeter—with a parent. Receive training and once a month or so, serves as an usher or greeter at one worship service.
• Help with Wednesday evening worship (usher, greeter and/or reader).

When the teen is in 9th grade, prior to being confirmed, each student will meet with either the Pastor and/or the Director of Christian Education (DCE).

All the above goals are designed to help young people stay connected to their faith and church. With so many competing interests consistency is the goal. We understand that schedules are busy if you have a problem completing the above requirements please contact the Pastor to discuss other options.



Theme Events

6th Grade - 24+ during the Sunday School year: students must attend a minimum of 20 during the year.

7th & 8th Grade– 24 during the school year; students must attend a minimum of 20 theme events during the year.

9th Grade- 14 times during the school year; students must attend a minimum of 11 theme events during the year.


Worship—40 Sundays from September 19/20, through June 18/19; you must attend a minimum of 20 times.


Sermon Reports-complete a minimum of 20 sermon reports.

Homework–there will be 15 homework assignments during the year; students must complete a minimum of 13.


Points–all students must attend service/fellowship events in order to attain a minimum of 14 points.

Retreats–all students must attend one retreat per year with their grade level.

Service–all students MUST choose a service to the church;

At Worship–usher, greet, acolyte, read; help with Wed. worship

Other-assist with Sunday school; Music groups; Nursery.


Prior to being confirmed, each student will meet with the Pastor and/or the Director of Christian Education (DCE).